Saturday, August 20, 2011

Minneapolis was Magical....and the Journey Continues...

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over and the deadline to create my book is coming up in October. We are having quite the “Fearless Adventure” gallivanting around the country. Last week, we visited The Twin Cities and had the most welcoming and exhilarating Fearless Women Awards event hosted by the Fearless Mary Jo Sherwood. It took place at the historic Woman’s Club of Minneapolis, built in 1907. 

We gave the Fearless Women of the Year Award to Julie Gilbert, founder and CEO of Wolf Means Business. The Fearless Women Visionary Award went to Connie Goldman, an award-winning radio producer and reporter for National Public Radio. Both these women were presented a sword with their names engraved on it. When I pulled the sword out of its sheath to present to Connie Goldman, a petite woman in her late 70’s, she looked up at me and said, “Is that for me?!” The sword was almost as big as she was. What a beautiful moment!

Our Fearless Women Panel was filled with the most impressive women. It was moderated by Nancy Stephan, Honoring Women Worldwide, with panelists, Ann Bankcroft, Polar Explorer, Deborah Yungner, ERBUS Inc. and Judge Pamela Alexander, the first African-American judge of Minnesota.

The next day we photographed seven fearless women from Minnesota. I was fortunate to photograph Judge Pamela Alexander. She has served in the courts of Minneapolis for 25 years. Judge Alexander was led early to a career in justice after being called at age 12, to testify in the rape case of a childhood friend. She was struck by the constant complaints about the lawyer assigned to the case. She made up her mind to become a lawyer who truly advocated for her clients. Now retired, she wants to find some of the families that were in her courtroom to help them.

Here’s a little teaser…we are planning to end our Fearless Women Vision Tour at the end of 2012, gathering with the Fearless Women in Uganda! Please go to Facebook and “like” Fearless Women Uganda. More later…

Next stop…Fearless Women Tampa Bay, October 7-8, 2011!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Welcome to the Fearless Women Global Blog!!

Welcome to the New Fearless Women Blog!

Hello Fearless Friends!

This new blog complements our weekly newsletter and will keep you up to date with all the news on my Fearless Women Project. We have had some changes here at the studio, our assistant Michele Basler moved out of state on her own fearless journey. We now have the wonderful Phyllis Bottis as our office assistant. Another new addition to the team is Nadia Romanov who will be doing our Fearless Women social media, newsletters, and blog.

We have started traveling around the US photographing Fearless Women Portraits for my new book, Fearless Women, Visions of a New World. 

We just returned from Austin where we had a fabulous Fearless Women Cocktail Party at the downtown Hyatt. The following day I photographed 7 women, 5 for the new book at Korey Howell's Studio in Austin.

This week, I am in Minneapolis for the 2011 Fearless Women  Awards Minnesota, on August 10th. The following day, I will be photographing four fearless women from the Twin Cities area, the amazing Rose Pagonis from Chicago and also some women who want a Fearless Woman Portrait with the sword.

At the beginning of October, we will be traveling to The Fearless Women Tampa Bay event, October 7-8th, which will be the kick off and template for the events on the Fearless Women Vision Tour in 2012.

Finally, we will complete our journey in Boston at The Diva Tool Box Conference created by the fearlessly fabulous Janet Powers,, October 20-22 with a pre-conference Fearless Women Event.

We are accepting about 10 more visionary women for the book. We need women of color, African-American and Hispanic Fearless Sisters. So please give me some recommendations you may have. I believe if we are creating a new and better world, we need to have all ethnicities represented in the room!

Please spread the word to your Fearless Sisters in the cities we are traveling to about our events!

In Fearless Gratitude,
Mary Ann

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