Sunday, July 8, 2012

Get Your Cranky Girl On!

There are many things that have made me feel edgy lately. I think I unleashed my cranky girl on my last blog and have gotten cranked up. Having ones cranky pants on gives one a different perspective. Yes, I'm a spiritual woman and all, and lately I just don't see the point in pretending. I've noticed there is a tremendous amount of pretending these days or "fake it til you make it" syndrome. Look at facebook and you will notice it. Most often, it's just someone trying to convince you they are happier, prettier, cooler and have all the answers. So you MUST take their workshop, go to their webinar or buy their books. Well, I'm just not like that.  No...I'm not pretending like all the others. I have nothing to sell except a new book, Fearless Women, Visions of a New World, a Fearless Women Global Membership site and a Fearless Women Mountain Retreat. I'm very honest and transparent. Really I am!

So in my crankiness I dive into the water of truth to see why the snarky girlfriend is rearing her pretty head. My mouth turned down I forge forward into the dark and light of life. Oh, how brooding and poetic!
 So here's my thought...I think we all have a cranky girl (or boy) sitting inside us, especially now! I know the theory, what you focus on you become but honestly let's get out the stress, mess and truly confess how tired, pissed off and worn out we are. It's frigin intense in the world right now and somehow we are shamed to think we have to put on a happy face. Let's go to the window and throw our computers and yell, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

Doesn't that feel better? So here is what I am proposing...I am gathering all the cranky pants girls, ladies so tightly wound that they are about to bust, fearless women who have worked themselves into a frenzy, pissed off chicks that haven't given themselves a break in years, sassy snarky babes that are at the end of their velvet ropes. I'm calling you all to gather together in the mountains August 2-5 to release and to let go, get hysterical, have a slug-fest to free the monster that keeps you a slave to a heavy life. cranky fearless powerful women, I dare you to join me in this transformational gathering of women determined to experience their hysterical darkness and then tread courageously into the light.
So I am renaming this retreat in honor of all of us striving to make a mark, a difference and leave a legacy of grace and goodness on this planet.

Join me for the Get Your Cranky Girl On, Fearless Women Mountain Retreat:
  • Release Your emotions that are keeping you tied up, creatively blocked, depressed and just darn cranky.
  • Restorative yoga every day (optional)
  • Breathe fresh mountain air and gaze at the stars
  • Eat sumptuous food created by Singing Chef  Joe
  • Hike to the top of Mt. Pinos, The Chumash Ancestors call, "The Center of the World."
  • Drum the sun down at 9,000 feet
  • Visioning Circle
  • Return to your life refreshed, renewed and inspired
I want to gather powerful women that really need this! It's hard to have a vision and change the world if you can't change your own. Register Now! or email:
or call 323-874-8500
 Special Cranky Offer!
 $997 (almost $600 discount)  
Bring a friend for half price: Only $498.50
Includes: accommodations, food, yoga, workshops, drumming 
Transportation not included 
Treat Yourself, You will be so happy you did!
Space is limited to 15 women!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fear; Fuck Everything And Run

I am, on most days, a really positive person. Really, I am! Today....not so much! So I found this description of fear and thought, "right on....damn straight....shit, someone has to say it!"
So I'm feeling fearlessly feisty today. I'm feeling my emotions, my anger, my fear, my exhaustion, my sassyness, my joy, my darkness and my soul....screaming at me. It's real, it's intense and it's authentic.
 Is it just me but are we all pretending that everything is perfect in our world? :) Is it just me thinking I'm the only one feeling all these feelings and feeling really pissed off and ashamed? :( So I'm coming out to say, enough is enough. Let's some thinking "The Secret" is the end all. Let's stop believing that we are creating every negative or challenging thing in our lives. Let's just put our tools of torture down and stop flogging ourselves with the velvet strap.

I'm not saying to walk through the valley of the shadow of death and pitch a tent there! I'm sayin that perhaps it's time for a scream fest. Am I being cranky? If so, just crank up my cranky girl cause that's just where I'm at. Fearless? Yeh...that's me the leader, the messenger, swimming into my fear of whatever is in my way and diving in. Like a synchronized swimmer, I would love to just gather with my fearless women water dancers and choreograph a drunken splash fest. Sounds frigin fun to me!

So here I am, the fearless messenger, leading out of my mess. Wow, I just had a head rush...what was that? Perhaps my authentic self just popped her crazy ass head out of my heart to give me a rush of reality.

So please, my fearless friends, don't  tell me to focus on all the good,  have faith and see the beauty of everything or any of that new age babble cause I'm just not into it right now! I'm feeling a bit like Lewis Black, who created a comedy album called Show of F*ck (although it's not censored),   Fran Lebowitz, who said, "This is the best time to be a grouch, in all of history" and Katie Goodman's song, "I didn't Fuck it up."

Okay...I hope I cheered you up, made you laugh, think, feel or got you pissed off. I hope it made you feel something!

I feel better now...thanks for listening with your eyes and hearts!

Here's to the fearless journey!

Love, Kisses and Cheers,