Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Introducing...Belanie Dishong & Our Upcoming Fearless Ventures

Dear Fearless Friends,

I am very excited to be photographing Fearless Women Portraits at the Diva Toolbox Women's Conference in Wakefield, Massachusetts, October 20-22, 2011. My fearless friend, Belanie will be teaching a very powerful workshop at this conference.

Belanie Dishong
, Founder and CEO of Live At Choice and Live At Choice Media, is an accomplished author, motivational keynote speaker, course leader, personal coach and radio talk show host. 
I met Belanie at a women's conference a couple of years ago. Her beautiful blue eyes, which are a true reflection of her gentle and kind heart, drew me and made me want to know more about her. She is a generous and wise spirit connecting people's mind with their heart to help them break through the barriers that inhibit living ones greatness. She teaches people of all ages to help them improve the quality of their lives and free themselves to pursue their dreams and attain their goals.

"Things weren't easy for me," says Belanie. "I came through some hard life challenges, defeats, and tragedies before I could see what was necessary to change my own life. In 1985 it all came tumbling down for me. Then I spent eight years in self-inquiry, self-reflection, prayer and a commitment to a greater quality of life. It was through my discoveries and personal application of what I discovered that brought to life what I now know and live as my passion and my purpose." 

Belanie is an inspiration and is known for not waiting for opportunity to knock but rather creating it out ahead of her. She is a visionary fearless woman who is dedicated to changing the world by empowering each person she touches, in so many ways. I am proud to know her. Learn more about Belanie Dishong,

Fearlessly Yours,
Mary Ann

Diva Toolbox Announces 2011 Fearless Women Leaders 
Janet Powers, Chief Executive Diva, Diva Toolbox, LLC announced today the 2011 Fearless Women Leader Awards.
This year's recipients are:
Maureen Campaiola
Maureen is the CEO and Founder of DARE To Be Phenomenal's Women Business Network. Out of the dream to create a networking group that catered to the unique needs of women entrepreneurs and business owners DARE To Be Phenomenal's Women Business Network was born.  
With monthly networking events, luncheons, trainings, and special events women can engage in relationship building, networking, and joint business venture projects both online and off.  read more
Robyn Mather
As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Robyn Mather believes everything is inter-related, success comes not just as a result of what you do, but also how you think, communicate, your determination, and persistence. She practices gratitude daily, believing wholeheartedly that you reap what you sow, and success comes from the actions you take.
Robyn is the real deal. She is authentic, articulate, courageous and above all, inspirational. She instinctively knows how to pull things together to achieve big results for her clients.  read more
Congratulations to this year's award winners! Join us at the Diva Toolbox Conference for Women in Business to celebrate these amazing women who inspire, educate and empower us all to be better at what we do!
About the Conference
The Diva Toolbox International Conference will be held Thursday, October 20 through Saturday, October 22, 2011 in Wakefield, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. The conference brings together women business owners from across the Globe.
The conference, now in its second year, was created as a forum for women business owners to help others like themselves to grow bigger and faster. Women-owned businesses continue to grow at a rate two times that of other businesses.
At the conference, attendees will network with one another, learn about new products, services and technologies and participate in educational workshops and keynote sessions. Among the highlights are sessions on how to market to women, entrepreneurial myths, and financial strategies for growth, how to leverage social media to attract new clients and how to stay healthy, happy and in balance running your own business.
Conference details are available at