Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm Grateful for Joe and Scrambled Eggs

It's the simple things in life that arise when one goes through a huge life experience. Seven days ago I had emergency surgery on my intestines. After a month of feeling belly distress and only being able to ingest pureed foods and juices, I saw a series of doctors who ordered a CT scan. With a history of having an unusual intestinal blockage and having emergency surgery eight years ago, the doctors felt that I may have another blockage and needed it taken care of asap. So the night before Thanksgiving I had laproscopic surgery. Finding no blockage and lot's of scar tissue from my former surgery, the operation was successful.  Now a week later I am grateful to be recovering and healing.

Going through a health challenging experience gives one pause to reflect on what life is about. What have my choices been to bring me to his point? How hard did I push until my body creamed, "Enough!" What is my true passion? How do I want to be in my new "beingness?"

I love what Tama Kieves rights in her book, Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life's Work

"Okay, spirit, I am willing to take your hand. I don't know when the timing should be. I don't know what this should look like. I know you love me and want me to blossom inside my soul. I know you/ve reminded me that I don't need to push the waves or blow on the wind. I need to relax. When I am struggling I am trying to force something too small. So help me get out of the way."

So in my stillness of healing, the reflection of my wounded belly, my soul screaming, heart-storming moment reaching out to Spirit, I clearly see gratitude in the simplicity of life. The simple act of my sweat husband Joe making me scrambled eggs. The taste of the first bite that feeds my body craving for nourishment. I am so happy, so grateful, so humbled by all the simple abundance of this experience and the love I feel so deeply given by Joe. Exhale...

Time for a nap, rest and the fearless healing continues...