Saturday, January 5, 2013

Inspired by a Fearless One-Legged Actress

There are some days like today when I just can't get myself in that grateful space, when I just want to sit in my easy chair and stare into space feeling sorry for myself. "Where's the easy button?" I say with tears in my eyes. Then the Universe changes when a fearless angel like Tracy Ashton comes into my studio for a new actors headshot.

Tracy Ashton had a recurring comic role on NBC’s “My Name is Earl” as Didi, the one-legged girl. Tracy is a former cancer patient whose leg was amputated. I've photographed her a couple times in the past and have always loved her energy, humor and courage. Today she not only warmed my heart but reminded me that there are no barriers only the ones in our mind. A fearless woman indeed this unique out of the box actress flows through Hollywood with a positive attitude that is remarkable. Today she said, "Hollywood is amazing, your life can change in a never know!" Another reminder that anything is possible in the whelm of possibilities!

Enjoy, laugh, be inspired by Tracy Ashton in her reel of her wonderful talent. Also, catch her on the comedy show Raising Hope this coming Tuesday-Jan. 8th guest starring with Christopher Lloyd!

Fearlessly Smiling from my easy chair....thanks Tracy!

Mary Ann

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