Saturday, January 26, 2013

Simple Gratitude

I talked to my Mom yesterday who turned 90 year old. We celebrated her birthday last Saturday with the family. When I spoke to her yesturday, she shared how busy she was with all the phone calls and she received 15 birthday cards. She was pretty tired but so very grateful for her well wishes.

Whenever I talk to my Mom, she reminds me of "simple gratitude." She remembers every kind gesture, every card given to her and everything in her day that gives her joy. At 90, it is inpiring to see her in such appreciation. It makes me inhale the joy of life and exhale what's not needed.

Finding this image that sybolizes simple gratidude, I found these 7 Simple Steps to Cultivate Gratitude. As I was looking through the seven steps, I noticed the second step was "never compare."  I don't usually compare myself to anyone but lately, let me ask you, do you ever read stuff on Facebook and feel just a little inferior? Perhaps feeling like you are just not doing enough in your life or business or have as many people commenting on your posts? Everyone seems so full of joy with inspirational sayings, cleaver musings, incredible events to promote, campaigns for remarkable products and new photos of themselves that are showing them so full of positivity that it would make anyone run out and buy a button that says, "have a nice day." So when I start feeling that, I fold my laptop and take a nice walk around Lake Hollywood or watch House Hunters International. 

That's why my Mother is such a touch stone to the simple gratidutes in life. She doesn't have a computer, a cell phone or even a CD player. She recently got high definition TV and was beyond thrilled. 

So as I inhale the simplicity of life, I exhale the need to posture, prove that I am something  I may not be at this moment. But honestly who really cares? Only me! The truth is we are all extraordinary humans on a spiritual journey! I think we just need to relax more and not try so damn hard.

So I hope you are appreciating and loving your life with "simple gratitude."

Yours in Fearless Simple Gratitude,

Mary Ann 

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